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In the interest of promoting responsible web site management and protecting the rights
and privacy of visitors to this site I have adopted the following policies.
  1. I will not collect any confidential or sensitive information from our visitors without their knowledge and consent, and such information will be limited to that which I need to properly service and support my customers and prospective customer wishes.

  2. Any information about my visitors which I do collect will be used only as necessary to service and support  visitor requests and, unless required by law, will not be released to any third party for any reason. I will not sell or donate customer lists, mailing lists or any other compilation of visitor information to anyone.

  3. I will not use any contact information gathered to contact visitors with mass mailings of any type, or for unsolicited advertising of our products and services (SPAM). I do not like spam and I will not be the cause of any.

  4. Whenever I need sensitive payment information such as credit card numbers etc. to be entered on-line I will provide a secure server to be used for that purpose. Any such information received  will be protected from unauthorized access and will be retained only as long as necessary to complete the transactions authorized by the customer, after which such information will be deleted.

I hope that the above policies address all of your concerns and I look forward to doing
business with you. If you have questions about the policies stated or additional concerns
please contact me via telephone or email.  Thanks!   Amelie

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