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  • Why should I order on-line?
    There has been a lot of discussion and confusion in the media concerning the risks and benefits of "on-line" shopping. I have tried  to answer some of the most commonly raised concerns, especially concerning the entering of credit card information. If you have questions that are not addressed here, please feel free to contact me.

  • I have heard that you should not enter your credit card information because it can be intercepted.
    While this should be of concern, there are new technologies which address this concern. The most prominent of these is the SSL layer, most commonly referred to as a "secure server". When transmitting your payment information to a secure server, the information is encrypted before it ever leaves your computer, and it would be very difficult for anybody to decipher after intercepting it. You should always check, before ordering, that the site you are ordering from does use a secure server for payment processing. We do.

  • What if my credit card number does get stolen and/or misused in spite of the encryption?
    There is always a risk of this happening if you own a credit card. When you use your card at the local restaurant, there is the chance that an employee of the restaurant could retain your number and use your card fraudulently. There is also the chance that a pick-pocket could steal your wallet. There is probably less chance of your number being stolen because you used it on-line than there is of it being stolen downtown. Of course, you are protected by law against unlawful use of your card, and your liability is limited to a small amount, which is not necessarily true for other payment methods. Check with the issuer of your card for full details.

  • What if I am not familiar with the company I am considering purchasing from?
    Again, this is why we recommend using your credit card for on-line purchases. While there are several things you should look for on a web-site before giving them your credit card number, your final protection is the law and your credit card issuer. If you do not receive the merchandise you ordered, or it is damaged in shipment, if you used a credit card to pay for it you can dispute the charges. This is not necessarily true for other types of payment. Again, check with your card issuer for details.

  • What are the things you mentioned that I should look for?
    The first, of course, is the site's concern for your security. If they don't provide a secure server for you to enter your information you should not do so. Also, look for how well they identify themselves. Look for phone numbers, street addresses, names of people, years in business, etc. If they are not willing to identify themselves, you have to wonder why they are hiding. In general, look for the same kinds of things on-line that you would look for from any business.

  • What about third party references?
    These can be good. Organizations and business such as the Better Business Bureau can provide a valuable service by recording complaints about a company for public reference. There are several such companies dedicated to policing internet e-commerce sites. We "belong" or subscribe to The Prince Edward Chamber of Tourism and Commerce. Please check with them to view any complaints registered about our company, or to give positive feed back about us. :) Their email address is

  • But, why should I buy from YOU?

    I have been making these creations for 45 years and stand behind my work 100%. Each item is as described, one-of-a-kind and my prices are reasonable.
  • Return policy:
    Items returned in original condition within two weeks from shipping date will be refunded less shipping costs.

    Thank you for your time and interest. Your inquiries and comments are invited by email or mail.   Amelie

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